Process of Applying for Campus Card and Network Service

Process of Applying for Campus Card and Network Service

一 前言 Notice
欢迎办理湖南大学校园卡及校园网。下面的说明将帮助你更好的办理这些业务,请仔细阅读。Welcome to apply for campus card and network service. The instructions below can assist you in easier applying for the services, please read the instruction carefully.

二 校园卡办理Campus Card
1. 校园卡可用于学校的消费,如食堂用餐、网络缴费等,以及部分场所身份的确认。Campus Card can be used for consuming in university such as dinning, paying internet service and identity verification in some places.
2.学历生可以办理学生卡(办卡费20元),语言进修的同学可以办理消费卡(办卡费15元),请确认你的学习关系( 1、学历生;2、语言进修)Degree students can apply for Student Card(20 Yuan for each), Language students can apply for Consumer Card(15 Yuan for each), please confirm which program you are studying(1. Degree students; 2.Language students)
3.请提供您的学号:Please provide your student ID number;
4.请提供一个电子照片(jpg格式,尺寸为3:4,):Please provide an e-photo (format: jpg, 3:4)
5.请注意:校园卡的默认密码为6个8或者护照号后六位。Attention: Campus card code(default) is 888888 or the latter six numbers of your passport number.

三 校园网办理 Campus Network Service
1. 登录网站:来激活和管理校园网账号;Log on to activate and manage account;
2. 网站的登录账号为您的学号,密码为校园卡密码,默认为12345678或者护照号最后六位;Account number is your student ID number, key is campus card number which default is 12345678 or the latter six numbers of your passport number.
3. 登录成功后,可以开通网络;After successfully logged in, you should activate your internet account.
4. 校园网开通步骤:校园网业务—有线网络—输入密码(自己设定)—再次输入密码—输入手机号码—确定。账号即学号,有线网无线网均用同一密码登陆;Network service application: input code (set by yourself)---input code again---input cell phone number---confirm.
5. 有线:学生宿舍区采用PPPOE认证方式,账号为:学号@hnu,密码为开通时输入的密码。具体操作如下:
Wired network:the network in students apartment adopts ‘PPPOE’ Authentication mode.User name is: ’student ID number’@hnu(for example:LY2014001@hnu).Password has already been set by yourself when you activate the network account.

Set up a ‘PPPOE’ broadband connection for Win 7 system(English Version).

Please check “operation guide”